4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Live Streaming High School Sports

4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Live Streaming High School Sports

Leveraging Your Live Streaming for Your School’s Online Brand

Ten years ago, schools didn’t have to consider what content they were putting out to their community or their “online brand.” 

But now more than ever, a school’s online presence has become necessary. Building an online brand has become required to keep up with the digital landscape and innovation. Too often, schools neglect their live stream as part of that. 

Schools can average hundreds to thousands of viewers for their live streamed events 2-3x a week. This means a broadcast becomes the #1 public-facing content that your school publishes. 

Don't let the risk of overlooking your live stream impact your school's online success. Imagine the impact on your school's reputation when every game streamed is a total win. 

Your school's live streams can stand out with high-quality broadcasts and engaged fans if you avoid these biggest mistakes schools make when live streaming!

Let’s dive into the four biggest mistakes schools make when live streaming:

Mistake #1: Poor Quality Production

The cost of cutting corners on equipment and expertise can lead to a low-quality broadcast that negatively impacts your school’s reputation and brand. Here are the 3 things your school should invest in to turn your live stream into a broadcast.

High-Quality Camera

A clear picture on your live stream starts with a decent camera. There’s an overwhelming amount of options for you to choose from. We recommend the Canon XA60—it’s affordable and offers a big bang for your buck.

Are you looking to upgrade? 

Here’s a line of recommended cameras from StrivAV. Or maybe go pro? JCC’s Striv program didn’t hold back when buying their CanonXF605s. No matter where your broadcast is, a quality camera is needed.

The Right Streaming Computer

Whether looking at a Windows PC or Mac, you need a computer that can handle the streaming stress. Here are the specs that your streaming computer needs:

USB Soundboards

USB soundboards are a must-have for broadcasting and live streaming! The USB option is a game-changer when looking for audio solutions because of the ease of connectivity. If you want to add announcers to your live stream, make the process smoother with a USB soundboard.

We recommend the Mackie Pro FV3 line of audio mixers. Learn more about different audio options by scheduling a free tech review!

Streaming Headsets, NOT Gaming Headsets

Don't skimp on headsets if you want to add play-by-play and color commentary to your broadcast. You might wonder if your gaming headset could work for your next live event. Gaming headsets are for gaming. They don’t have the components to translate to quality audio for a live stream.

That is why you need to purchase the Audio-Technica BPHS1 Headset. For only $219, you can’t ask for a better headset that will TRANSFORM your broadcast. 

Mistake #2: Inadequate Planning & Testing

Going Live Checklist

Before you ever hit the red live button of your stream, you need to do a going live checklist. Check for updates on your streaming computer, give yourself the time to properly set up your equipment, and perform a test stream before starting lineups.

Create your workflow or download our Going Live Checklist to ensure every stream goes off without a hook!

Look Over Camera Settings

Is the gym looking a little yellow when the walls are white? Adjust the White Balance setting on your streaming camera. Auto White Balance (AWB) may need to be adjusted to give your audience an authentic picture of the game. 

Double-check your output resolution and ensure your quality is at least 720p. Adjust the brightness of your camera’s view through the ISO and shutter speed settings. If you have an automated camera, ensure that your video and audio outputs are aligned and adjust with any needed buffer time.

Internet Connectivity

The internet is integral for your live stream. You need at least 20mbps upload speed to stream, but preferably 100mbps or more is ideal. Always check your internet speed before a live event—test your internet speed at speedtest.net.

Hardlined ethernet is ALWAYS preferred over wifi. Ethernet provides a more stable, reliable, and faster connection. Hardlined internet might not always be an option. Though not recommended, it is still possible to live stream, even on a hotspot. 

Tape Down Loose Wires

When streaming, there will inevitably be cords and wires—tape down those loose wires with Gaffe tape. Use Gaffe tape to label cords, hold a screen in place, secure loose connections, and more. Unlike duct tape, gaffe tape doesn’t leave a sticky residue, which makes it ideal for broadcasting.

Gaffe tape is your broadcast must-have!

Mistake #3: Neglecting Audience Engagement

Pressing the button to stream an event checks the box, but is it engaging? Does it keep your audience wanting to watch game after game? Audience engagement is crucial for live streaming. 

Captivate your audience by adding announcers, incorporating broadcast graphics and a scoreboard, and connecting with the community and local businesses. Break down the walls of your school and let your live stream serve as a window to all the fun things happening in the building. 

Be professional, but have fun!

Mistake #4: Failing to Invest in a Teacher

Investing in teachers allows students to integrate technology in the classroom with hands-on learning for students. It provides a platform for students and the program to grow by providing dedicated time to build their skills outside of live events. 

Teachers need a solid foundation, though. They need access to broadcasting resources and a community of educators. They need a place to find constructive feedback and a playbook to improve and grow their broadcasting program.

They need our Broadcast Education program.

Hardware & Broadcasting Solutions


Get tested equipment for your broadcast. From access to over 2,100 manufacturers, you are guaranteed to find the RIGHT hardware and software through Striv AV.

Get custom gear to level up your broadcast, whether it’s another camera, audio mixer, headset, tripod, or switcher.

Broadcast Education

Integrate broadcasting technology with hands-on learning through your students through our Broadcast Education program. 

Our Broadcasting Education package offers comprehensive training, a student broadcasting playbook, student certifications, including our advanced support, and coaching to empower schools with enhanced learning and stronger community engagement.

Schedule a demo and learn more about how Broadcast Education can transform your live streaming program at your school!


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Transform your classroom today.

Explore our curriculum & courses along with

coaching & support to take your program

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