4 Reasons Why Your Striv Team Needs a Digital Media Class

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Being a #StrivSchool means providing the best live streaming experience for your community. While at the same time, giving your students real-world experiences and expanding their knowledge in digital media.

This can be hard to achieve by only having time outside of school hours to mentor and teach your Striv students. That is why it is important to have a digital media class period during school hours. 

We have talked to dozens of Striv teachers and have compiled four incredibly important reasons as to why having a digital media class for your live stream is important for the success of your Striv team. 

4 Reasons Why Your Striv Team Needs a Digital Media Class

  • One-on-one time with your Striv students

Having a digital media class allows you to have one-on-one time with each of your students on your Striv team. This is the perfect time period to work with your students to address problems that you are experiencing in your live stream. 

This gives you time to collaborate with your students and fix individual issues that members of your Striv team may encounter during a live stream. And also review what went well and what could be improved after each streaming event, providing feedback so that each stream can be better than the last.

  • A consistent time period to interact and mentor your Striv team

Consistency is important for any team. By having a digital media class you are gaining the ability to teach and mentor the members of your Striv team. 

Instead of only being able to coach your team while actively streaming events, you can interact and mentor them every day during school. Having a consistent time period also gives the opportunity for teachers to build deeper relationships with their students, which we have heard time and time again leads to greater student involvement and engagement.

  • In-class time for students to work on Striv related projects

Every Striv team is different and is made up of uniquely individual students. But one thing that we have learned is that our Striv students are typically involved in a multitude of different activities, as well as balancing everything that comes with being a student. 

Having a digital media class allows for your students to have a consistent class period every day to work on all of the different elements that go into your live stream—whether that be graphics, commercials, social media posts, or collaborating with other members. It also provides the chance for students to learn new roles and equipment that they wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to learn during a live broadcast.

  • The Classroom makes all the difference

We have heard from many of our Striv teachers that adding a digital media class has made all the difference in seeing success with their Striv team during live streams, especially with getting students involved in each event.

Students can learn skills in digital media education classes that will benefit them when producing a live stream. Just doing different activities and projects relating to digital media can boost your students’ confidence, and Striv Education can give you the roadmap to starting and building your digital media class.

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