4 Ways to Build a Culture of Engaged Students Within Your Striv Team

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Are you struggling to build a consistent team of students to help stream sporting events every year?

To obtain a consistent number of students on your Striv team it is important to build a culture that engages each and every one of the students on your team. 

We’ve talked to dozens of our Striv teachers and with the knowledge that we have gained, we have identified 4 simple ways to build a culture of engaged students within your Striv team. 

4 Ways to Build a Culture of Engaged Students

1. Relay feedback to your students in real-time

Students are used to having delayed feedback in the classroom. If a student takes a math quiz or writes a paper in English they aren’t receiving any feedback until days later when that quiz or paper will be graded and returned. 

When your students are streaming games, it is incredibly important to give them real-time feedback. Students thrive off of the feedback given to them because it makes them feel important and inspires improvement. 

Giving feedback in real-time also allows for a better stream. When students hear this feedback during a broadcast, it is easier for them to fix it in real-time, applying the change immediately rather than having to remember it for the next production. 

2. Keep students excited about streaming 

When a new student joins a Striv team there is a lot to take in about the various elements of production. But eventually, with time and involvement, students will learn and get comfortable with the equipment and their role on the team. 

It is important as teachers to keep streaming exciting for the students on their Striv team. 

Whether this is done by incorporating zoom elements or following the team during a timeout or implementing the scoreboard or adding graphics, give your students something new to explore and experience. It can even be something as simple as students having a different job every stream. 

3. Give students ownership of the live stream

Giving students ownership of the live stream has been the number one thing that we have heard from our Striv teachers about building a culture of engaged students. 

By your Striv students claiming ownership of the live stream, this allows them to be more passionate and engaged. It is important for them to know that they are the ones who are producing a professional-level stream and that they are showcasing their talents for their community to see.

4. Instill pride in your students

Teachers need to emphasize the importance of what their students are doing when producing a stream. No matter what students are involved in it is always beneficial for them to have pride in what they are doing. 

It is not just doing the filming, it is operating a camera and providing a seamless broadcast not just for the viewers but for your Striv team, too. 

If you are interested in learning more about digital media education and live streaming, Striv Education can give you the roadmap to starting and building your digital media class.

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