5 Career Pathways in Digital Media [WEBINAR]

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Are you struggling to show students the connection to careers in digital media?

Some parents think that Striv only prepares students for careers in broadcasting and we want to help show you (and them) about all the different ways that skills learned from Striv can apply to many different digital media careers.

That’s why we’re teaming up with Nick Schreck, Director of Undergraduate Business and Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing at Midland University. We will cut through the noise and share with you five career pathways that your students can connect and engage with right now.

Each pathway has many different jobs within which the skills our Striv students learn to apply. These five career pathways are:

  1. Videographer 
  2. Graphic designer
  3. Social media specialist
  4. Digital media photographer
  5. Web developer

During this webinar, you will learn and hear stories about five different careers in digital media, the importance of experiential learning, and what skills your students can start learning to help prepare them for the future of work.

There are many questions that both students and parents have about careers in the digital media industry, this webinar will answer these questions and many more.

You can find the link to watch on-demand here. Students need to know about all the opportunities that they have and how to capitalize on the skills that they learn through Striv.

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