5 Ways Teachers Can Keep Students Engaged Through Live Streaming

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Teachers, do you find it difficult to get students interested and engaged in live streaming events? What about getting students to keep coming back to help?

Getting students to the event is half of the battle. The other half is engaging them and making it a positive learning experience. We’ve helped schools, teachers, and students produce thousands of events, and based on the success of others we know how to engage students.

Find out what teachers can do to get students interested and engaged in live streaming their events so they keep coming back to help and learn more.

Five Ways To Engage Your Students

1. Empower students by assigning them a role and purpose

Make it fun. It’s not just moving the camera back and forth. It’s a production. Call it a broadcast, not a stream. Providing students a role allows them to take ownership of their work, and it makes them proud to tangibly showcase each streaming event.

There are many different roles that make up a Striv team:

  • Camera operator
  • Producer and computer operator
  • Play-by-play announcer
  • Color announcer

Each role is vital for a successful live stream. And letting a student take the reign of each role will allow them to find hidden passions and unknown talents–leading to more engagement.

2. Connect with your fans who are watching through social media to get feedback & build a community

Invite fans into the experience with you. This creates a fun environment and culture for your students. They don’t feel alone and know that people are relying on them to bring them into the experience because they can’t be there.

As Eric Allgood said in his last webinar, connecting with fans also allows for more exposure to the greater community—you’re able to showcase your school and advertise upcoming events and activities.

3. Share the stats and analytics with students

Not only is this help engage students to know there is an audience it can help lead to potential advertising opportunities. Hearing from fans on social media is awesome but that’s not everyone. Seeing how many people watched and the following you are building is inspiring and motivating.

Students need to see this and want to know their impact on the greater community. If you don’t show them then they won’t know how many people they are reaching and the huge impact they are making outside of the school.

4. Coach students on how they can improve the stream and get better

Reflecting on how each broadcast went is key. Ideally, this is happening in your class where you can show the recording and do a breakdown of what went well and ways to improve.

Students thrive off of feedback and being coached in a constructive way. They don’t like just being told what to do–make this a fun learning experience where students can better themselves and learn from each event.

Marcus Scheer at JCC leading his digital media class and reviewing their live stream from a track meet.

5. Collaborate with other #StrivSchools

Sometimes students think they are the only ones doing this. Encourage them to watch other schools on the Striv TV platform. Get ideas of what new things you can do or things you can change.

Reach out to the school to see if you can collaborate with them on future events. Sandy Creek High School had an amazing collaboration with other schools earlier this year, click here to read more!

Student Empowerment

It is important that students be incentivized outside of these ways, too. Whether it counts for a grade in your digital media class, free concessions, or getting paid, you need to have an incentive plan to help motivate and engage students.

Students feel empowered when they know that what they are doing matters and has an impact on their school as well as their community.

“I feel empowered by knowing that what I create is seen by the community on the stream.”

“I feel empowered by being able to create something on my own, broadcast a live event, and be in control of that production.”

These are quotes by some of our incredible Striv students when asked about how being involved with Striv empowers them inside and outside the classroom.

By having the ability to inspire, connect, share, coach, and collaborate with your students, you can keep your students engaged and energized about live streams.

To learn more about these five different ways to keep students engaged through live streaming, be on the lookout for our upcoming webinar in May.

If you are interested in live streaming your school events on the Striv TV platform contact us today!

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