Content Calendar: What it is and Why You Need it for Your School’s Social Media

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As teachers, it is essential to prioritize organization in all aspects of our classroom. There is a multitude of different ways that digital media education teachers can stay organized to be as efficient as possible. 

For teachers who are involved in the running of their schools’ social media pages, a content calendar is a great resource. A content calendar will add organization to your school’s social media team and ensure that posts are sent out in a timely and effective manner. 

We have talked to our Striv teachers and have heard testimonials about how effective a content calendar is for keeping a social media team organized. 

What Is a Content Calendar? 

Over the last few years, schools have used social media to promote their activities, athletics, staff, and students. More recently, schools have let students take the charge and create content for social media, which has been made easier from platforms like Class Intercom.

To help organize, assign, and schedule content, many of our #strivschool teachers use a content calendar. A content calendar is exactly what it sounds like: a spreadsheet that shows what content needs to be posted, on what day, to what platform, and by which students. 

It can even be as detailed to include other information such as, what type of content it is, if it includes a graphic or video, and so forth. 

Building a content calendar is something that every teacher who runs their school’s social media can do. A content calendar increases the organization of your social media team and equips your students to be successful. 

Why Do You Need a Content Calendar?

A content calendar is a simple yet powerful tool that organizes all of your school’s social media content in one space. 

This allows students to easily identify what content needs to go out each day and what they need to do to produce successful social media content for their school. A content calendar assigns roles and responsibilities to each student, equipping them to create posts that highlight their school.

There is no one size fits all format for a content calendar. Every school has different needs and will require a different format to have a successful and effective content calendar. 

Striv Education can give you the roadmap to starting and building your digital media curriculum. If you are interested in learning more about Striv and how to implement digital media education in your classroom, click here.

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