Digital Media Education in Schools

What is Digital Media Education?

Welcome to Striv Education, where we’re committed to empowering educators to prepare students for the digital age. With rapid technological advancements, digital media education has become an essential component of modern education. As the world becomes increasingly digital, students must be taught the skills they need to succeed in a highly competitive and technologically-driven job market.

Digital media education teaches essential digital skills such as video, audio, graphics, social media, and web design. These skills are highly in demand in today’s digital age and are critical to the success of modern businesses. Integrating digital content creation skill development into your curriculum, you’ll be helping your students to build a strong foundation of digital skills that will prepare them for future careers.

We help equip educators with the tools to empower students to stand out in the job market and tackle future opportunities with courses that foster essential soft skills. These include communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity – all vital for success!

Essential technical capabilities will be developed through project-based learning, enabling individuals to excel in digital media, where growth is predicted at 6-10% from 2021-2031. Investing early in developing these skill sets will distinguish students from other candidates giving them an advantage.

Our digital media curriculum was developed by experienced educators who deeply understand the importance of digital media education. It includes over 40 lessons and 100 activities that you can use in your classroom. The comprehensive curriculum covers a range of essential digital skills, including video production, audio editing, graphic design, social media marketing, and web design.

With our top-of-the-line curriculum, you’ll be able to provide your students with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age, opening up new and exciting career opportunities for them.

Start preparing your students for the future today with Striv Education.

Photo of a Student looking over their shoulder working in Adobe Premiere while creating digital media content using the digital media curriculum