Finding Your Core Group of Students with Jason Daffer

Finding Your Core Group of Students with Jason Daffer

In Episode 8 of our Educator Conversations video series, we dive into the wisdom shared by Jason Daffer, Technology Coordinator at Broken Bow Public Schools, as he chats with Taylor Siebert, CEO of Striv Education. Here's the essential steps and invaluable insights Jason offers for starting and nurturing a broadcasting and digital media program:

Starting Small

Jason’s first piece of advice for educators venturing into broadcasting is to start small and master the basics. He shares how his admin team suggested beginning with a single camera and background audio.

This approach allowed them to build a solid foundation and gradually expand. Remember, every great program started somewhere, so don't compare your beginning to another school's decade-long head start.

Finding Your Core Group

A key to successful broadcasts is having a reliable core group of students who understand all aspects of the setup and execution.

Jason emphasizes the importance of training students to handle multiple roles. This flexibility ensures that broadcasts can run smoothly, even when the regular team members are unavailable. A well-rounded core group can make the whole process much more manageable.

Training Beyond the Classroom

As a tech director running a broadcasting club instead of a class, Jason faces the challenge of fitting training into the schedule. In the beginning, he utilized study halls and open periods for practice sessions with students and the equipment.

Now, upperclassmen play a vital role in mentoring younger students during events, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their work.

Boosting Communication Skills

Broadcasting significantly enhances students' communication skills. From prepping for events to scripting announcements and coordinating breaks, students learn to communicate effectively and professionally.

They also conduct interviews with coaches, collaborate with local press, and coach their peers to ask the right questions, ensuring they get the right answers.

Transformative Content Creation

Jason highlights how creating content transforms students. Publishing their work on social media and sharing it with the public motivates them to strive for higher-quality graphics and productions.

This fosters connections between student-athletes and content creators that wouldn't normally exist without graphic design, with athletes and coaches challenging creators to design fresher and better graphics throughout the season and school year.

Preparing for the Digital Workforce

Broadcasting equips students with essential skills for the digital workforce. Collaboration with adults on commercials, content creation, and real-time problem-solving during live broadcasts are just a few examples.

Jason has had many students go on to pursue filmmaking and content creation in college, students who come back expressing gratitude for the foundation they built in high school.

Striv Support

Jason appreciates the support provided by Striv Education, particularly the knowledge base videos. These resources offer valuable guidance and refresher for teachers and students. Striv Support acts as a safety net for Broken Bow, allowing the team to experiment and add new elements to their broadcasts with security in knowing Striv is there to help.


Watch the full conversation with Jason Daffer below and learn more about his program and how he has helped raise over $10,000/year in advertising for their broadcasting program through student-made commercials and ads:

Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your broadcasting program, remember to start small, train a versatile core group, and embrace the transformative power of content creation. With the support of Striv Education, you’re well-equipped to guide your students to success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Transform your classroom today.

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