How Your Digital Media Class Can Create Student Leaders

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Often what comes to mind when you think of student leaders are all-star athletes, student council presidents, or valedictorians. What may seem like “unconventional” student leaders are those a part of digital media classes.

Though digital media and Striv students can also be all-star athletes, student council presidents, or valedictorians, these programs afford students the opportunity to develop leadership skills far beyond the classroom setting.

In most classes, students are not given the freedom to take control of their projects and creativity. In classes like Math and Science, they are given rules to follow with little flexibility to make them their own. 

Digital media education makes it possible for students to step outside their comfort zone, think creatively, and create content that goes beyond the school halls.

We have spoken to many of our Striv teachers about how they provide freedom to students and how it transforms their students both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Students Becoming Leaders

It is extremely important to let students take control when they want to because it can build confidence and leadership skills. 

When students have the freedom to try new things on their own, they might make mistakes the first couple of tries, but it gives them the opportunity to learn how to work through them on their own. 

Students build confidence within themselves and their skills inside and outside the classroom and stream when they learn from mistakes to succeed. By doing so, students learn real-world skills like how to problem-solve on the fly. 

Beyond the technical skills gained from streaming and the digital media classroom, students also gain leadership skills. Whether it be effective communication, critical and creative thinking, organizational abilities, or strategic planning—these skills form leaders in the classroom and beyond the streaming camera.

Students can have an impact on other students

When students are involved in their school’s digital media education and Striv Team they become leaders and influence the other students around them. 

Inside and outside of the classroom students are recruiting and training other students. They will bring their friends to check out the class or to a game to see the stream, increasing involvement and engagement.

In episode 6 of our “Striving is Learning” podcast, we spoke with Jason Daffer who is the Technology Coordinator at Broken Bow High School. He has worked hard and turned their program into a student-led effort. 

If students are even slightly interested they are invited to just hang out in the classroom a day or stand in the press box for a game. Just get them in the atmosphere of the stream and then once they see it all happening they are really intrigued about what is all involved… it can sell itself.” 

Digital media education can create passion, hard work, and leadership within students that are visible in the school and great community.

If you want to hear more from Jason, you can listen to our podcast “Striving is Learning.” If you are interested in learning more about Striv and how to implement digital media education in your classroom, click here.

Striv Education can give you the roadmap to starting and building your digital media curriculum.

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