Introduction to Digital Media with Robb Goff

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Schools are constantly searching for different ways to engage students. From creating music to welding to engineering. Student engagement is a proven way to empower students to not only learn, but create.

According to educational neuroscience expert Dr. David Sousa, student engagement can be defined as “the amount of attention, interest, curiosity, and positive emotional connections that students have when they are learning, whether in the classroom or on their own” (“Engaging the Rewired Brain”).

Dr. Sousa goes on to note that engaged students:

  • Have more motivation to participate in class
  • Enjoy achieving their learning goals
  • Are more likely to persist through challenges in learning
  • Feel intrinsically motivated to gain a new and deeper understanding

Content Creation vs Content Consumption

Teenagers, and adults, are huge consumers of digital media content. According to the mobile analytics firm App Annie, in 2021 the average time spent on mobile devices was 4.8 hours a day. In addition, consumer spending on mobile games grew to $27.3 billion in the US last year. According to the report, seven out of every 10 minutes on a mobile device were spent on a social media or photo/video app.

In all, consumers logged a record 3.8 trillion hours on their mobiles in 2021 and downloaded some 230 billion apps, spending $170 billion (an increase of nearly 20% from the year prior).

App Annie CEO Theodore Krantz called smartphones, tablets, and other handhelds “the go-to device[s] of the future.” The average American spent 4.8 hours a day on mobile devices in 2021 but watched only 3.1 hours of TV.

We can discuss the pros and cons of digital media for teenagers. The fact remains, that our society is not turning back but rather pushing ahead with more digital media consumption.

Schools need to take the lead and help the young content creators explore and be part of this exploding job market.

students in digital media class learning how to create content on desktop computers

Digital Media Education Empowers Students

We need to empower students to explore the different areas of digital media—helping them become the content creators of tomorrow.

When you get access to the Striv Education Network you will get a course that will offer an introduction to the world of Digital Media and to the technologies that make it possible. The course will engage student learning with hands-on projects and activities. Four different areas of the Digital Media world.

The course is an introduction to the four different areas of the Digital media world. Students are encouraged to find and explore these areas in a more in-depth manner if they choose.

Students will use their creativity and skills to create and edit interactive media presentations, digital images, sound, and movies. We will also explore the role of the Media in society. The knowledge and skills acquired in this class will enable students to successfully perform and interact in today’s technology-driven society.

Get Access Now to the Striv Education Network

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