What Digital Media Education Looks Like In Your Classroom

teacher with student on computer learning digital media

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There is no one size fits all option for digital media education. Every classroom looks different but still has the same goals in mind: teach students how to be good digital citizens and equip them with skills to succeed in whatever career field they choose. 

You will hear from Robb Goff and Shanda Hall, both veteran teachers who have established flourishing digital media education programs at Kearney High School and Schuyler Middle School. 

This live session is all about the different forms of #digitalmediaEDU that can be adapted for your classroom. There are endless amounts of opportunities you can give students to immerse themselves in the realm of digital media. 

What is Digital Media Education?

As technology and social media continue to be a large aspect of life, students must be taught and shown how they can use digital media in a positive, impactful way.

“The biggest piece for me is to make sure that we are educating students to become quality digital citizens. Students are surrounded by a digital world. We have to be teaching what it means to be a great digital citizen.” -Shanda Hall

Shanda emphasizes the importance of educating students about what it means to be a quality digital citizen to help them better understand how to create content. By teaching digital citizenship, students learn not only how to create content but how to critically think about and analyze it. 

Teaching students how to be great digital citizens is a building block that leads to learning real-life skills in content creation areas such as graphic design, video production, marketing, and communications. 

“That’s what we want to show to students, all the different areas of digital media. Help them find the area that they excel in and start creating and telling stories through that.” -Robb Goff

Digital media education empowers students to explore different mediums for creativity and allows students to discover new passions and interests. Robb explains how the role of the media teacher is to help students find their niche and help them excel at it.

Striv Education Curriculum

You don’t have to struggle with your approach to digital media education. Join the Striv Education network and get everything you need with consistent support to take your class to the next level. It will include both Robb and Shanda’s Introduction to Digital Media curriculum along with a teacher’s community, on-demand courses, more live hangouts and events, and downloadable resources.

You’ll see the results in the content your students create and produce while empowering them through project-based and next-generation learning experiences.

If you are interested in learning what digital media education is and what it looks like in the classroom, you can watch the full live session below.  


Learn more about the curriculum and get early access here or schedule a call today and we can share with you the roadmap to start and build your digital media class.

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