5 Steps for Athletic Directors to Start a Thriving Student Broadcasting Program

Student broadcasting program camera operators collaborating with other students on their headsets and with the producer.

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Next Level: Student Broadcasting Program

As an Athletic Director, the growing demand for live streaming school events adds another layer to your extensive list of duties. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

Starting a Student Broadcasting program meets this demand and provides students with invaluable skills.

How Striv Education Elevates Your Broadcasting Game

Striv Education’s Student Broadcasting Education is the catalyst that propels your program to the next level:

  • Guidance: Our support and coaching are tailored for educators of all backgrounds and students in various settings.
  • Learning: With our playbook, we offer a comprehensive educational experience. Our step-by-step course ensures a thorough understanding of every aspect of your broadcast team, from basics to advanced techniques.
  • Resources: Access templates for broadcast and social media graphics, production event planner, broadcast advertising dashboard, and more.
  • Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with our regularly updated content, reflecting the latest in broadcasting.

Starting a Student Broadcasting program is a journey filled with learning and growth.

With dedication, the right approach, and Striv Education by your side, you can create a program that broadcasts events and shapes futures.

5 Steps To Starting Your Student Broadcasting Program

1. Assess Your Resources 

Before diving in, take stock of your current resources. Do you have the necessary equipment? Is there a dedicated space for broadcasting? Understanding your starting point is crucial.

2. Gather Your Team

Identify students who are enthusiastic about broadcasting. Their passion will drive the program’s success. It’s not just about technical skills; storytelling, marketing, and organization are equally vital.

3. Provide Training Opportunities 

While some students may have a knack for broadcasting, training is essential. Workshops, online courses, and hands-on experience can make a world of difference.

4. Engage Your Community 

Involve parents, teachers, and local businesses. They can provide support, be it in the form of advertising, sponsorships, or expertise.

5. Stay Updated 

The world of broadcasting is ever-evolving. Ensure your program stays relevant by keeping up with the latest trends and technologies.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Student Broadcasting Journey? 

Don’t just envision the success; make it a reality. Request a demo and witness firsthand how we can help transform your broadcasting program by empowering students.

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