Digital Skills Gap: Equipping Students for Digital Media Careers

Student editing a video in Adobe Premiere

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The Future of Digital is in Today’s Classrooms

Imagine a world where every student, regardless of background, has the tools to become the next digital sensation. Yet, are our schools equipping students for digital media careers to turn that vision into reality?

Untapped Digital Aspirations

Today’s classrooms are filled with great potential. There’s a palpable thirst for digital knowledge, from the quiet student sketching storyboards to the group discussing the latest viral video. Data from You Science underscores students’ surging interest in careers like podcasting, video editing, and digital marketing.

Challenge: Keeping Pace with the Digital Era

Although there is a lot of enthusiasm, there seems to be a clear disconnect. Many educational resources remain static as the digital realm evolves at breakneck speed. A 2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report suggests educators often feel they’re racing against a tech treadmill, struggling to stay updated.

Schools Making Waves

Nonetheless, there are positive aspects to consider. Schools like Kearney High School are leading the charge, introducing innovative digital programs that have spurred significant student engagement. At places like Gibbon High School, budding broadcasters are making local headlines.

Striv Education’s Commitment

Recognizing these challenges and opportunities, Striv Education emerges as a beacon. With our tailored digital media playbook, we aim to empower schools, equipping students for digital careers and transitioning from classroom enthusiasm to real-world digital success.

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