From Striv to Success: Eli Delhay’s Broadcasting Journey to a Hastings College Scholarship

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Since 2015, Freeman Public Schools has been utilizing Striv to stream sporting events. This has given students—like Eli Delhay—an opportunity to learn and grow in broadcasting and digital media education.

As the Striv students at Freeman were broadcasting their first game, there was one student close by. And just by watching and listening to his other students, he had the realization that Striv was something he might be interested in.

At that moment, the rest was history. Within the next year, Eli Delhay took the lead of Freeman’s Striv team which would soon lead him to receiving a Media Team Scholarship to Hastings College.

How Striv Opened the Door for Eli

Many may know Eli as a member of the Freeman 2023 State Basketball Championship team and current Hastings Broncos basketball player. But we’d like to introduce you to the Eli Delhay of the broadcasting and digital media world.

Luckily for Eli, the Striv advisor for Freeman Public Schools just so happened to be someone he was close with, his dad.

Soon after joining, Eli was assigned to broadcasting volleyball games. Something that he was a little bit nervous about at first. But something that ultimately he learned and found confidence in.

“My junior year of high school was mainly learning how to broadcast volleyball games. Which at first I wasn't comfortable with because I didn't know volleyball. But just being able to learn and excel at it, that just kind of helped me separate from other students for the scholarship, and kind of added another asset that I had going for me.”

Through being involved with Striv, Eli was able to learn a new and unique skill. A skill that put him ahead of other students applying for the same Hastings College Media Team scholarship.

“Be Confident and Put Yourself Out There”

Even though the skills and experience Eli gained throughout his involvement in Striv were vital. But in order to clench his scholarship, he still had to put in the leg work to get his name out there.

“Just put yourself out there. Don't be afraid to show off a little bit when you go to colleges and meet with media teams. Don't brag about yourself, but know that you are good at this, and just have some confidence. Don't be afraid to show off.”

However, Eli couldn’t have done all of this without help from one very important person, his dad. The person who pushed him to try Striv and broadcasting and gave him a head start in his dream career.

“My dad did broadcast in class, he's done digital design, he was my teacher growing up and he kind of put me on it before our school offered it and helped me get a jump on it. Now that I'm at the college level, the classes that I'm taking for media and design are really easy. My dad set me up for success and really helped me grow my broadcasting and design abilities.”

At Striv Education, we want prepare students by shaping them into being future-ready. And equipping Eli Delhay with broadcasting and digital media skills to earn a scholarship and spot on Hastings College’s Media Team is just the start.

Through personalized coaching and innovative curriculum, Striv Education empowers teachers, schools, and districts to integrate digital media and broadcasting into their educational programs.

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