How to Build a Portfolio Using Canva Websites

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Building a portfolio has become a necessary tool for students to showcase their work. There are plenty of platforms for students to use to create a website. Here’s how to build a portfolio using Canva websites.

Canva is a fantastic, versatile design tool that is free for students and educators. One feature that Canva offers is to create and publish websites. This tool gives users the ability to create any kind of website they would like. One way to utilize this tool is for students to create an online portfolio to showcase their personality, skills, and work.

Step-By-Step Guide for How to Build a Portfolio Using Canva Websites:

No matter if you are a student or teacher, you can create a Canva account for free. Once you have your account you can start to build your portfolio in Canva. 

So to get started, you will want to click on the “create design” button and Canva will take you to a blank space with templates you can choose from on the left side. You will also see a search bar above the templates where you can search for the specific type of website you want to create. In this instance, you will want to search “portfolio.” However, you do not have to use a template if you do not want to. 

Once you pick a template you can start creating a portfolio that will display your personality. You can customize your website by adding images of your work, text, and branding elements. One way you can display your work is by dragging and dropping the document into your website on Canva. 

Once you are finished creating your website you can preview it to ensure everything works and looks the way you wanted. Once you’re satisfied with your design, click the “Publish” button to make it live on the web. Share your website with others by sharing the link.

Why Your Students Should Make a Portfolio: 

It is really never too early to start showcasing yourself or your skills.

Any student right now can create a free account and start to build a portfolio in Canva. You may be wondering why would a high school student need to start creating an online portfolio. Well, in our society students already have an online presence so why not challenge them to start thinking about an online portfolio?

Students who are interested in the content creation field can benefit greatly from showcasing their skills, talents, and achievements. There are so many opportunities for students when they are able to present their work in an appealing way that markets themselves and showcases their talent. There is not really a right or wrong when it comes to branding yourself. 

While students create their portfolio they are also building their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills because it cannot be created overnight. Building a portfolio involves reflection, self-awareness, and organizational skills. 

Lastly, like a resume, a portfolio can serve as a platform for networking and collaboration with other students and professionals in their field of interest. Students are also able to add and update this file whenever they create new content.

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